Why I Adore Being A Wedding Photographer

When I was little all I wanted to do when I grew up was be an artist and paint, draw, and take photos as my career. I pictured myself as a starving artist that you see on TV, but then I found wedding photography. I absolutely love my job as a wedding photographer, and I love weddings in general! Weddings are my bread and butter, and I have always loved the little things about weddings before I started shooting them.

As a guest as well as someone who works weddings, some of my favourite things about weddings are the intimate moments that as an Ottawa based wedding photographer I love to capture. 

Here are the top 10 reasons I love being a Wedding Photographer!

1. Engagement Photos 

You just got engaged. Now you have called your parents, and your best friends, and now you have changed your relationship status on Facebook (as well as watched the post like a hawk to see who likes/comments on it!) You know what comes next? Engagement Photos! I love Engagement Photos! There’s absolutely nothing like capturing the love that two people share for each other, and its amazing to capture. And when the wedding planning does get tough, all you have to do is look back at the photos and remind yourself what it is all about; your love for each other... Even when you just want to elope instead!

2. Wedding Invitations

I love getting invites to weddings, even when I am shooting the weddings. I still enjoy getting them! Your wedding invitation suite is something that shows your guests the theme of your wedding. It's also one of items you want to have at your bridal prep so it can be photographed. Check out a post I did here about what to have at your bridal prep! 

3. The Bridal Party

The getting ready part of the day is my favourite! Theres something about the sounds of zippers flying, champagne pouring, laughter every five seconds. It's amazing to witness generations of woman and decade long friendships colliding in one chiffon filled room while everybody supports the brides big day! Bridal prep images are some of my favourite as well, with all of the details being photographed. They turn out so well, and it really sets the stage for your wedding gallery. 

4. Family Reunions

Weddings are amazing because they are a place to witness family reunions. And the best part is I get to witness them and enjoy the wonderful overdue reunion of families on camera. Sometimes family members are flying from all over the country, heck even from all over the world to come and see your wedding day! 

5. Recommending Peers

I am an extremely social person, and it is always wonderful when I can recommend people and their talented work. If you need a make up artist, a hairstylist, a baker etc, whatever you need I may have a recommendation. I have a list of amazing people who I have personally worked with that would be an incredible asset to your wedding vendor team. I complied my favourite vendors in an easy list to access, you can find it HERE

6. The Dress

One of my favourite shows to watch is "Say Yes To The Dress", and I absolutely love seeing all the different types of wedding dresses that these women decide to wear on their special day. Mermaid, ball gown, empire etc.. I love tulle and I love sparkle, and I love wedding dresses! Can you believe that to this day, I have not seen the same dress twice?!?!! Each person's dress is so unique and to their personality. And that is one of my favourite things to see on the wedding day. I actually love the wedding dress part so much that on the off season I work part time at All That Glitters Bridal Salon in Kanata to help brides find their dream dresses! Some of those future brides actually turn into clients of mine! Fun how that goes, right?! 


7. The Kiss 

There are so many types of first kisses- some people even wait till the altar to have there first kiss ever. There is nothing as amazing as your first kiss as married couple. There’s the timid ones, the ones that go on just two seconds too long, and my absolute favourite…. the dip. If you’ve got a partner who will kiss you while holding you up with one arm, NEVER let them go. They're a keeper! 

8. The Ring Exchange

Theres always a bit of excitement before the rings are exchanged.  Nervous. Excited. Wonderful. But we all know that tension is them being excited for what’s to come in their new life together. I also think it's hilarious when the rings are just a teensy bit too tight. It's always due to the heat swelling up fingers. But the reactions of that is one of the best things about the ring exchange. 

9. The Vows

You can go about this one of two ways. You can write your own vows (which is what me and my husband did) or you can go with the traditional one that you both read. They are both great, for sure. Either way, the vows are a wonderful part of the ceremony.  They can be really funny. They can be sweet. They can be funny and sweet. My all time favourite, was one sweet couple promising each other to keep the cap on the toothpaste and the toilet seat down. Looking back at it now, I wonder if they have been keeping that part of their vows.......?? I should ask them! 

10. Wedding Trends

I love Pinterest. I spend way too much time on it looking around at my dream wedding, and others wedding ideas. What’s even better than Pinterest though, is getting to attend these adorable weddings. As a wedding photographer my favourite part about weddings is the privilege of photographing all of these public expressions of all the love between these two people starting their lives together!

I love weddings. Weddings are amazing. I'd love to be part of your wedding, so CONTACT ME!