Ottawa Apple Orchard// La Marche Family Session

I have never seen a family that is quite as unique and as close knit as this family, yet they live on opposite sides of the country.

Yes, I said it.

Half the family is here in Ottawa and the other half lives in Nunavut! 

The La Marche family is from the Perth/Smiths Falls area but the parents moved to Arnprior a few years ago. Taylor lives in Cape Dorset, Nunavut with her boyfriend and their 2 crazy dogs. She works as a child protection worker and has been there for 2 years. While he dad is in Arnprior, her mom also lives in Nunavut, in a community called Kimmirut which is about a day's skidoo ride when the ice is frozen over in the winter. She has been there for 3 years and she works in the same department as Taylor does.  When Taylor was hunting for the job in Nunavut, her mom called about the job opportunity for Taylor but ended up snagging it for herself. Taylor followed shortly afterwards and moved to Nunavut. Being in Nunavut while the rest of the family is in Ontario is difficult but they make it work. In fact, the parents are actually still together but are working apart. It's a pretty cool layout for this family. 

When the whole family was together over the summer, Taylor contacted me for a family session because they don't get time together often being separated. We went to the Log Cabin Apple Farm near North Gower for their session. It was extremely hot outside and the sun was shining high but the family banded together to get through the heat to get some images of their family together. 

Enjoy the images, it was such a fun session and they are such an amazing family! I hope to work again with you guys next time you are all in Ottawa! 


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