Beach Elopement// Sarah & Patrick

Winter is here and it has started snowing and it doesn’t seem like it is ever going to go away. But that is winter in Canada for you, so you would think I would be used to it by now. With the snow storms that are right around the corner, I start to feel nostalgic for the summer months and I wish it was able to come back again. That’s when I usually start looking back on the summer months and what’s better then looking at a beach elopement like this one?

Sarah & Pat are such an adorable couple and when we chatted about having a beach elopement photoshoot, they jumped at the idea. Wearing a simple white sundress with flowers from Amethyst Floral and hair + make up from Zab Iqbal, Sarah + Pat were open to whatever idea I threw at them, and I threw a lot of crazy ideas at them.

A shoot on the beach was a good idea and I loved every moment, but then they agreed to get into the water and then it got steamy from there.

I don’t always know what to write in these blog posts. With this one Sarah and Patrick were so wonderful that I don’t even need any more words, just take a look at the photos!