Benefits Of A Second Shooter

I am a firm believer in hiring a second shooter for your wedding day. Not only because it makes the day go smoother, but because having two photographers is actually really beneficial for my clients on their wedding day. It's not a ploy from photographers to get more money from you, it's a very helpful add-on to your wedding collection.

And here's why I think so:

You get a second pair of eyes to capture images that may be missed if only one person is there

As the primary photographer, I am concentrating on catching all of the key moments of the wedding day. I make sure to capture everything that is important but while I am doing that, who is capturing the spontaneous moments that I may miss while doing family photos for example? Having a second photographer during your day helps ensure that all moments will be caught because you will have two sets of trained eyes keeping an eye out for moments that you will love to see in your finalized gallery. During the bridal party and bride/groom portraits I have them tag along to get different view points, as well as they do the groomsmen portraits while I do the bridesmaids, which helps cut down on time you are missing with your guests. Also, in the evening when I sneak you outside for some photos at sunset, my second shooter stays in the reception to catch anything that may be going on while we are away. 

Tag team groom & bridal prep

A second shooter comes in handy for prep time. I am able to accommodate doing both groom and bride prep by myself, but it makes it a bit easier when I don't have to run from one to get to the other and can take my time with your bridal details to ensure perfection. When my second shooter does groom prep, it means that it will be longer than 10 minutes and you can get more of those silly groomsmen portraits that I know you are dying to do. 

You get more images to delivered in your gallery

This one is simple. It means that you get more images from two photographers over just one. Every wedding is different and the number of images you receive vary depending on length of coverage and how much is going on. But when you have a second photographer for your wedding coverage you get more images because they are getting different angles and it gives your wedding gallery a nice rounded amount of images that show the entire day from multiple viewpoints and angles. 

Extra eyes to notice things that may need to get fixed (bra straps, hair on forehead, things in background etc)

I honestly do my best to catch bra straps or runaway bangs so that I don't have to fix them in photoshop. I am human after all, and I am guilty of missing things every now and then. Having another pair of eyes helps to catch anything that you aren't going to want in your photos. As well as they are awesome for fixing your train and veil, holding your flowers when you aren't holding them in photos etc. 

Can call out names and keep family members organized when trying to do family formals

Nine times out of ten, most of you have really big families and it is difficult for everybody to listen to me while I am also taking photos. Family photos get shot by only one photographer, and so the second photographer is in charge of following the shot list and calling out names for families that are up next, as well as searching for a drunk uncle that wandered off or your chatty Aunt "that just HAD to go find her friend from college" right before the photo that she needs to be in. I can't run after everybody and keep all the family photos on track. So that is why my second shooter is a HUGE asset for that. 

I hope all of that makes sense to you and I would love to chat with anybody who has questions about why I believe a second shooter is an asset.