Boho Bridal in a Lavender Field// Carp, Ontario

I usually try to stay in my comfort zone. My ideal clients are classic and full of love. What I don’t usually do is bohemian brides, but lately I have fallen in love. I now love classic brides and boho brides!

I like them all now! Don’t get my wrong, I love all of my brides no matter what type they are. But sometimes the more variety there is, the better it is for me and my creative soul. 

There was something about how romantic and firery this boho couple was. Arielle and Simon were the best boho out there. A gorgeous lace dress and a man bun on the groom? Sign me up! It was a step outside of my comfort zone because all of the traditional wedding poses that I usually do just felt so wrong with them. The love they have for each other was so fierce that it called for a type of posing that I usually don't do and so I tried something new. I got super creative with them and I think I found some new posing that I will definitely be adding to my posing arsenal and using again and again. 

Not only was this couple gorgeous and so easy to photograph, the vendors were amazing as well! We had a huge list of amazing vendors that were chosen and played a huge part with how all this turned out. Nothing beats a beautiful bride and a lavender field. 

Arielle chose a long sleeve lace dress that actually had a lace bodysuit that you could see through the slit on the side of the dress. Her dress was from Sinders Bridal House in Carleton Place. Arielle was pampered by Erin from Erin Heather Bridal and Jacquie from Artistry by Jacquie for her hair and make up. They created a look that was fitting with the whole element of the day. She was an absolute boho princess with her man bun prince.

Thank you to everybody who was a part of this!  

Enjoy the gallery! 

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