Detail Practice// Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Today was a good day. It was a great day actually!

Wedding season is starting this month so I took out my camera to practice some wedding details. I don't want to be a bit rusty for my 2018 brides! Also you know that age old saying, practice makes perfect. And I'm pretty happy with what I created. 

I started mentoring recently a photographer who lives near me. Somewhere deep in my brain I have some tidbits that I can share to others, because to me #CommunityOverCompetition is everything! We met through a buy and sell group on Facebook because our daughters are a month a part in age. Having them over for playdates is always fun because the girls go off and play together while Shea-Lyn and I talk our businesses or shoot something. Today we chose to chat and shoot wedding details! So while our daughters hid in Ariella's room with all of her giant stuffed animals (I'm a sucker for a giant stuffie for her....), I grabbed some props from around the house to get together a small shoot.

I grabbed some rings, some ribbon, and invitation that I still had from Wishtree Invites (sorry girl, I still have it!), and some sparkle shoes from my sisters collection in her closet. 

Playing around with the macro filters I have, Shea and I came up with some great product shots to use as content on social media and websites. 

I am so happy with what I have, here is a small sample of some of my favourites! I can't wait till Shea and I do some styled shoots together. We may or may not have a couple already in the works for the next coming months. 

P.S: Funny story about today. Well, two stories. One, my 2 year old had pizza for the first time today. It was like she saw heaven when she took a bite. I think I'm in trouble, she loved it so much! And two, at one point while we were shooting the whole house got so quiet. We knew they were up to something because since when are 2 year olds quiet. I went upstairs and turns out they had locked themselves in Ari's room! They didn't care. They were playing with the stuffed animals and the books. It was too funny!

Detail Styled Shoot 01// Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Detail Styled Shoot 02// Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Detail Styled Shoot 03// Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Detail Styled Shoot 04// Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Detail Styled Shoot 05// Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Detail Styled Shoot 06// Ottawa Wedding Photographer