How To Dress For Your Engagement Session

Are you stuck and wondering what to wear to your engagement session?! I hear you! After getting this question multiple times, I figured I would create a guide to help you figure out what you want to wear for your session.

The simple answer? Something that makes your feel like a million bucks!

But I know, it is easier said than done and looking at your closet seems daunting when it comes to finding the perfect outfit. Whether it’s as simple as a basic white t-shirt and jeans (which never go out of style by the way!) or a fancy, velvet dress for her and a suit and tie for him, wearing something you feel great in is not overrated.

Building on that point, it's always so endearing to see engagement outfits that compliment and echo each other. While not necessarily being matchy-matchy, I recommend that your outfits have common elements like texture, fabric, style or colour palette. The clothes are the first and most important step to having a stunning engagement shoot. 

Okay! So here we go with what to wear for engagement photos by season with photos from my stylish past couples. 


I think the best ideas for colours would be earthy tones mixed a little with hints of jewel tones. With the days becoming shorter and freezing (especially here in Canada), I love it when my couples choose cozy and timeless coats to wear for their session. Having a coloured, dark coat, or a beige coat brings everything together. Don't be afraid to wear a long dress or a skirt (you can wear tights to keep warm). And maybe pair it with a patterned vintage scarf? Yes now we're talking! Just like Myriam, tall boots and a velvet deep purple jacket is a classy way to keep warm without you warm while still looking absolutely gorgeous. 

Myriam and Jeremie 02.jpg
Myriam and Jeremie 10.jpg


When I say spring engagement, you say pastel dress: Spring engagement! Pastel dress! With everything waking up from a long winters nap and the flowers starting to bloom, nothing says spring more than a cute pastel pink dress with neutral make up and a pink lip. Flowing and light dresses paired with a pastel dress shirt for him is a recipe for a great photo. And definitely have your colours all on the same palette to make it a polished and cohesive look! Don't be afraid to play around with fabrics either! With spring you can wear anything from chiffon to lace, anything that is spring-y. When Erin showed up to her engagement session wearing a gorgeous lace white dress, I knew that she had her style down and ready for a spring engagement session. Pair it with cute shoes and dress your man with the same colour palette and wear some pretty spring make up and you're good to go!

Erin and Derek Engagement-1.jpg
Erin and Derek Engagement-10.jpg


Finally the warm weather is here! Summer time is the time to experiment with new styles and be a bit adventurous. Complete the look with a statement accessory like a bright coloured necklace, a wide brimmed hat and a pair of awesome shoes! Have your partner wear light summer pants and a relaxed shirt to make him cool and comfortable. If you want to shoot on the beach, go barefoot! Nothing says summer more than flowing and breathable fabrics in a bold + colourful print. 

Michele & Matt Engagment Session Finals-17.jpg
Michele & Matt Engagment Session Finals-10.jpg


Fall time means photos with the leaves on the trees that are changing colours. So that means layers, layers, layers! Adding a few textures together like jean, chiffon and leather makes it pop a bit more in your photos. Jewel colours are a must to go with the leaves and top your whole outfit off with a timeless accessory. Have your partner colour coordinate with you to complete the look. If you want to cozy up and be comfortable, you can add a wool scarf and tall boots with a pair of jeans and a cute sweater. Don't forget some cute accessories to add to your outfit! 

Holly & Alex Engagement Final Images-10.jpg
Holly & Alex Engagement Sneak Peeks-6.jpg

One more thing to think about is your location. If I am your photographer, I will constantly be asking about location location location! It is very important that the location you chose is a location that works well with who you are as a couple and the time of year, as well as the outfits you are choosing. You want your outfits to look like they belong in the chosen setting. If your location is full of colourful patterns like an amusement park or lots of graffiti then a neutral outfit would be best as to not compete with the location. On the other side of the spectrum if your location is a sandy beach or downtown where the buildings are stone grey then a pop of colour will be amazing. 

For more outfit ideas, I have put together a Pinterest board of outfit combinations that I personally like.

Here is the link!