Mer Bleue Bog Couple Portraits: Destiny + Evan

As an Ottawa photographer I love exploring new portrait locations, and the best is when you have amazing couples to explore it with! Awhile ago I held a giveaway on Facebook for when I reached 500 likes on my photography page.

The winner of the giveaway was Destiny Trigg! She had a choice of what kind of session she wanted, and she chose a portrait session of her and her husband Evan. I think it was a great idea as they were coming up on a year of marriage and wanted to update their images. 

We decided on going to Mer Bleue Bog Conservation Area in Orleans, Ottawa. I had never been there before so I thought, hell yeah let's explore this new place! Evan & Destiny were such troopers to walk around for awhile and explore the grounds! 

They loved their gallery and I loved them too! Take a look and enjoy the images too! 

Evan & Destiny Final Images-2.jpg
Evan & Destiny Final Images-3.jpg
Evan & Destiny Final Images-5.jpg
Evan & Destiny Final Images-10.jpg