Mill Of Kintail Engagement Session// Holly & Alex

How did you spend your Thanksgiving Weekend? I spent mine at the Mill of Kintail with one of my couples for the 2018 season. Holly and Alex are actually long time friends of mine. I went to high school with Holly and when she started dating Alex I met him then. They are such a sweet couple and I know they will totally rock at being Mr & Mrs! 

Their wedding is in August of 2018, and I am so pumped! Actually, August is already lining up to be SO GOOD! 

I had never been to Mill of Kintail {what is with me and never being to all these amazing locations?!} and I found it absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely go back there again. Maybe in the summer I will hold some mini sessions there or something, because it was absolutely picturesque there. 

Holly and Alex showed up dressed to the nines. They definitely took advantage of the opportunity to dress up for their engagement session. I know most guys wouldn't want to wear purple but he definitely wore it great and with super confidence! Holly was wearing a white lace top with a handmade purple tulle skirt made by a family friend especially for the session. They thought of every detail down to the fact that even her earrings were the same shade of purple as her skirt. 

The engagement session was an hour and it was so great to see them again. That's the thing about high school. Once we graduated and went to prom, I think I saw her a handful of times at events or through mutual friends but we didn't stay in touch as much as we would have liked. But we stayed in touch a bit over social media which is how we connected again once she was engaged! I couldn't have pictured her with anybody except for Alex, they are so perfect together! 

Their engagement session was filled with sunlight and tall grass, and it was absolutely the best. I love the images and can't wait for you to see them! 

C'mon August, let's get here soon so we can see their wedding photos!!

Congratulations Holly & Alex! 



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