Venue Suggestions

Happy Sunday!

Today on the blog we are talking about venues.

Picking your venue is one of the biggest tasks that you will do for your wedding planning.

When looking at a venue there will be a lot of things to consider like the style of the venue, whether or not they provide catering, whether or not they provide decor etc. Lots to consider. And the biggest thing would be to make sure that the vibe of the venue fits your vibe. You shouldn't book a venue just to book a venue.

Each venue is unique and it works for each set of people. It's awesome to see how a couple can take a venue and create a wedding reception that is 100% them. Each venue has their own charm and taste to them.

For example, Stonefields is a very country chic feel to it and it goes with a certain type of couple. While Aquatopia or a venue downtown with a more industrial vibe, would go with a more modern couple who fits that. 

Below is a list of venues that I personally love and recommend to take a look at. 





Stonefields Heritage Farm

Jabulani Vineyard


Fairmont Montebello

Le Belvedere

Wakefield Mill Inn