Ottawa Maternity// Cait O'Malley from Bourbon & Bloom

I'm tempted to write nothing for these photos because Cait from Bourbon & Bloom absolutely slayed her maternity session and the photos simply speak for themselves.

She added different elements to my maternity dresses to create something that was her own and reflected her personality. I love these images and I love you Cait! I can't wait for your peanut to get into the world, I can't wait to cuddle her! 

Take a look at these images and leave a comment below to tell Cait how wonderful she is rocking the baby bump! She's such a beautiful preggers lady! Love you Cait!

Cait Maternity Promo-2.jpg
Cait Maternity Promo-3.jpg
Cait Maternity Promo-4.jpg
Cait Maternity Promo-8.jpg
Cait Maternity Promo-6.jpg
Cait Maternity Promo-7.jpg
Cait Maternity Promo 12.jpg
Cait Maternity Promo-11.jpg