Winter Engagement Session// Jeremie & Myriam

Model alert! Well, actually they are just a regular couple but they could be models right? Myriam & Jeremie's engagement session was one for the books! 

Besides the fact that we were all freezing cold and that the sun was playing a game of hide and seek, the whole thing turned out pretty magical. Eventually the sun came out and stayed out and we were able to capture some great shots of the sun shining on that magnificent red hair that Myriam has. 

I met Jeremie and Myriam in August when they hired me to do their August 2018 wedding and we clicked instantly. I find it's super important to get along with your clients and for your clients to get along with their photographer, but guys this was next level! Besides the fact that they are both the same age as I am, we just clicked and it felt like I was talking to a long time friend. 

They booked me for their wedding and then asked about their engagement session, and asked if I was okay with doing a winter engagement session. Of course I was game for that, it's not a typical request and I am all for stepping outside of my creativity safety box even if I am going to be very cold. 

Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was. 

Eventually I will do a post about outfits to wear to an engagement session, but in the mean time you have to look at their outfits. They did so well, and Myriam's sisters did her make up so it popped on camera. Girls, you did a GREAT job! They were dressed really stylish given the fact that they had to be wearing jackets because it's winter in Canada. 

I am very excited for their wedding at The Winchelsea in August! 


Myriam and Jeremie 01.jpg
Myriam and Jeremie 05.jpg
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Myriam and Jeremie 04.jpg