Preparing For Your Engagement Session

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So you're engaged and planning your wedding, and thats why you're here. I have one thing to say; Congratulations! 

Well, I have more than one thing to say but I had to tell you congratulations right off the bat. Next step is planning for your engagement session! If I am your photographer, I am so excited for this! If I am not, I wish you all the best in your engagement and wedding! Maybe some of these tips will come in handy for you, and if so I am so happy for you. 

This blog post is all about how to prepare for your engagement session and what to expect from me and for what to wear. If you are wanting a themed engagement session like a camping, sporty, or from a movie; let your me (or your photographer) know so we can start preparing. 

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There are TONS of great locations in and around the Ottawa area to do your engagement session in. I have a list of some great favourites that I can recommend for your engagement session if you are doing it with me. The location really depends on what kind of feel you are looking for in your engagement photos. Do you want a sunset beach location with one of those long flowy dresses like during the finale of the Bachelorette? {Y'all know you're watching and drooling over how romantic those proposals are on some romantic resort somewhere. Definitely makes me jealous sometimes!} If you are looking for that feel then let's go on an adventure to a beach to take those photos for you. If you are wanting it in the winter, then let's find a trail somewhere in the dead of winter and get some breathtaking photos while the snow falls. And if the snow isn't falling, we can make it feel like it is falling in the photo. 

After you have decided on a location, the next matter at hand is what to wear to your engagement session. Engagement sessions are a great excuse to dress up and really have fun with this. I mean, how often do you get a chance to dress up and get professional photos taken? I can count on one hand how many times I had the opportunity. So let's make it a fun experience and make it as fancy as you want, or as down to earth and chill as you want. I will say that I definitely recommend that you take advantage of having your hair and make up trials on the same day so you are all glam for your engagement session. Don't forget for your make up trial, fake lashes are the BEST thing that you can have for your engagement session; or really any type of session! They accent your eyes and make everything so fabulous! 

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I also love it when I get emails from clients asking my opinion on what they should wear. I love to help out, and love to see what y'all are wearing for your shoot. Seriously don't be afraid to play around with pops of colour, having your man wear a purple dress shirt like Alex wore in his engagement session. Dress it up fancy, dress it down to casual jeans and a sweater while hanging out at a trail or the batting cages. Whatever screams out YOU, go ahead and do it!

And if you are stuck for outfit ideas, click HERE for a Pinterest board of ideas that I put together. 

Another great tip would be to create a look board of what kind of images you want, or any specific poses you want to try. I am always game to try any kind of pose. The more creative the better! Who's as obsessed with Pinterest as I am?!?! C'mon, don't make me feel like I am the only one. I know you're obsessed too! So let's get deep into Pinterest and make a mood board for you so that we can figure out how you want this to go. Keep in mind my style as you find photos, and chose something you think is up my alley and I will probably be game for it. If you have a type of mood for your session, let your photographer know! Whether it's on a beach or in a snow storm or even downtown, doesn't matter as long as we find the right location and feel for your engagement session.

Just don't forget to send me the link to whatever images you find. 

One last thing to remember before your engagement session, don't forget to make sure that sparkling diamond on your finger is cleaned and sized correctly cause it will be getting it's close up in front of my camera and you want it to shine in all of it's wonderful sparkly glory! 


I am looking forward to meeting with you and creating beautiful images that tell your love story!