Parkwood Estate Oshawa Wedding

I don’t usually post blog posts about weddings that I second shoot for other photographers. The bride and groom are their clients and I’m hired as an independent contractor for the day only. But this one was a special one that I definitely want to share. 

One of my best friends Kristin from KMD Film Photography booked a wedding in Oshawa, Ontario at Towca Banquet Hall and then photos at Parkwood Estate. 

Kristin asked me if I wanted to go with her and second shoot. It was a resounding yes from me so we made the it into a girls weekend with the wedding being the center of it. 

Cristin and Mitch were such a adorable couple and were so amazing to photograph and there was even a surprise appearance by their dog Dierks. 

While Kristin wad with the girls, I went to groom prep with the boys and hung out with them while they drank and laughed.  

Heading to the first look and photos at Parkwood Estate, it was such a beautiful venue and created some beautiful portraits. Also I will always do anything for a shot and this time I really did. I climbed to the top of a fountain to get a great view for some photos. 

Insert photo of me on fountain

After the photos at Parkwood we went to Tosca Banquet Hall for the ceremony in a big white tent. It was so beautiful and full of laughter and love. 

The reception was full of dancing, yummy food and lots of great friendship!  

Enjoy the gallery, it's only a couple that I edited for sneak peeks. As it was a wedding not with my company I didn't edit a full gallery. 

P.S; I don’t have a list of the vendors so I have no clue where any of the clothing or anything came from. Photography was by Samantha Marie Photography when second shooting for KMD Film Photography


Cristin & Mitch Sneak Peeks-1.jpg
Cristin & Mitch Sneak Peeks-2.jpg
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