Sunny Rooftop Patio in Downtown Ottawa// Veronica + Michael

I am a huge fan of a good patio, but when the patio is your own private area, on a rooftop and has a fantastic view of the Parliament buildings? Sign me up! I’m there! 

Veronica and Michael hired me to photograph their engagement party at the Rideau Club in downtown Ottawa. Before the party I was going to meet them at Major’s Hill Park but it was a million degrees outside so instead I met them at their house to take their photos there. What I wasn’t expecting was this magnificent patio so we decided to take some of their engagement photos on their rooftop patio. I am pretty sure that I kept repeating myself about how much I loved it. But it was true! I could totally live out there and be super happy about it.

They had an amazing view and so many great seating options that I can only imagine that their patio parties would be such a fun event. 

Veronica was wearing a beautiful black dress that was so classy and sophisticated at the same time. The thing that I loved the best was that Michael didn’t wear a black suit which is very classic but also used a lot. He wore a light grey/light blue-ish suit that was very classy and perfect for their summer engagement party. 

While they are moving to Ireland for school, they will have these photos to remember Ottawa by while they are gone.  

Congratulations on your engagement V+M!  


V + M Engagement Party-2.jpg
V + M Engagement Party-7.jpg
V + M Engagement Party-8.jpg
V + M Engagement Party-10.jpg
V + M Engagement Party-12.jpg
V + M Engagement Party-14.jpg
V + M Engagement Party-18.jpg
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V + M Engagement Party-22.jpg
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V + M Engagement Party-27.jpg
V + M Engagement Party-44.jpg
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V + M Engagement Party-50.jpg