Wedding Day Tips: Bridal Prep + The Detail Shots

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We all know those photographs. The ones on Pinterest of the rings close up on the invitations, or the rings with the sparklers in the background. And you think "How am I ever going to find a photographer who can get me these Pinterest worthy photos?" Well, they are attainable.

As an Ottawa Wedding Photographer, there are a couple things that I recommend to my brides when it comes to their wedding days. Bridal prep isn't just about getting your hair done while sipping some cocktail. Below I will tell you all about the best things to have on hand to make your photos turn out stunning! As well as some things that I have in my bridal styling kit that I will have on hand during your bridal prep time. 

Bridal Prep, as well as groom prep are very important to the wedding day photography as it helps to show all of the aspects of the story being told. Showing the whole aspect of your wedding day helps you when you are reliving your day after it is over, because your photos are the most important thing, and they will be what you look at over the coming years. 

So here are my favourite things to have in my bridal styling kit as well as some products that I recommend as bridesmaids gifts to help compliment your big day, as well as the morning with your girls. 

Copyright Reserved © Samantha Marie Photography

Copyright Reserved © Samantha Marie Photography

1. Ribbon: I personally have some ribbon that I bring along with me. Now, I don't have every colour imaginable so if you want your ribbon to match I would suggest investing in some. You can get some at Michael's or any craft store. Having ribbon on hand is a great item to style with your invitations, and you can even wrap some around your bouquet to tie it all in together. 

2. A Ring Box: I almost always prefer a Mrs. Box when it comes to holding your precious rings, but they have a hefty price tag. I like to search on Etsy to see what I can find and there are so many gorgeous ring boxes out there that would be the PERFECT accessory to your rings. PLUS you can have your ring bearer carry that instead of a pillow while walking down the aisle with your rings. 

3. Your Full Invitation Suite: You spend money on your invitations so you might as well include in your bridal prep photos. Plus it is a nice background with your rings. I personally love seeing all of the different invitation suites from different brides! Everyone is so unique so let's embrace it! 

4. All Three Rings: If you are having the traditional wedding coverage from Samantha Marie Photography, either I or my second shooter will have been to groom prep before heading over to you and your ladies. During groom prep we don't need the groom's ring so I always suggest that the bride have ALL three of the rings together for when I get to bridal prep. Then we can do all of the ring shots during bridal prep. If you don't have all three rings then I can do your ring shots during your reception while everybody is eating. 

Copyright Reserved © Samantha Marie Photography 

Copyright Reserved © Samantha Marie Photography 

5. Personalized Champagne and Wine Glasses: The morning of there is definitely a good chance that you are going to be drinking mimosas right? Or even if they are non-alcoholic than you still need something to drink them out of. Paces Lane is one of my favourite vendors when it comes to this category. They are very well made, and they photograph very well as well. I think it is a very great touch for your morning of getting ready with your girls.

6. Extra Fabulous Details: This one is kind of vague because it's anything else you can think of! If you have a fancy perfume bottle, your momma's jewellery, a family heirloom, a letter from your groom-to-be, your wedding shoes; anything! I want to see all of the sentimental items that help to make up your wedding! Keep in mind the saying; Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Any of those items count, so make sure they are easily accessible for photos. 

7. Your Wedding Jewellery: Whether you are wearing new earrings, or you have a bracelet that was a gift from your fiancé or anything! All of your wedding jewellery was carefully thought out so it should be photographically documented. I love seeing the heirlooms that are passed down from brides to brides. When I got married, I wore the jewellery that my mother wore during her wedding. And she is saving the jewellery for when my sisters get married so they can wear it too.

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8.  Wooden Hangers: Something that people don't think of is the hanger your dress is going to be photographed on! You spend hundred to thousands on a wedding dress so in my opinion you should hang it on a wooden hanger for aesthetic appeal. There are tons of vendors and Etsy shops that would be able to do personalized wooden hangers or if you're more simple then Bed Bath and Beyond sell wooden hangers. And don't forget about your bridesmaids! Wooden hangers for them too are a must, keeps everything cohesive + attractive in photos. I absolutely love the wooden hangers that I got from Touch of Heart, they are very well made as well as absolutely gorgeous! 




I am always adding things into my bridal styling kit. Whether it be new backgrounds, new trays, new ribbons, or new ring boxes; I always love new! These are the basic tips of how to help out your photographer for your bridal prep. If I am your photographer, I can't wait for your wedding day! If I am not, I wish you all the best with your photos, it's going to be great!