Welcome To Samantha Marie Photography's Blog!

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog! I am Samantha Marie!

I began photography in 2009 as a 14-year-old nature photographer. I was fascinated by nature and the beautiful skies. When I got to high school I started in film photography and art classes. I was in heaven! That all changed when I was forced to take an accounting class because I wasn’t allowed two spares. During that accounting class (which I wasn’t great at) I realized I wanted to do photography full time & be my own boss of my own company. With college applications looming, I decided to take the leap and go for a career that I knew I would love. I went to Algonquin College for my bachelor in photography and I expanded to weddings, families, newborns, events, and basically any other type of portrait photography I could do.

When I am not shooting, I am at home with my daughter Ariella and hanging out with my husband Adriel, probably binge watching something on Netflix while eating popcorn mixed with Cheetos. Yep- best combo! We are a young family, in our twenties who enjoys the simple days of hanging out together or going for walks.

Some of my favourite things are: country music, sunsets, emojis, chocolate covered caramels & cherry cola! I'm not a girly girl but I love the colours purple & pink! 

As a photographer I take pride in the fact that, not only can I photograph all your special wedding day memories, but I can also bustle a gown, arrange flowers, show you how to put on boutonnieres, fix a curl, show you how to cut your cake, and be the go to person for your wedding day needs!

I am so excited to meet my future bride + grooms, I am also excited for your wedding! Looking forward to chatting with you more about your wedding photography needs!


Samantha Marie

P.S: Did you know?? Samantha Marie Photography has more photographers than just me. I have a lovely group of ladies who are part of the company! {To see their profiles click HERE}