Why Bringing Your Own Photographer To Your Destination Wedding Is A Good Idea

I have always loved destination weddings. I have always loved the beach or some fancy destination in Europe. And now you're doing a destination wedding. I can already tell that you’re doing all of your research. You’re on the right path to planning your dream wedding day at a destination resort! 

Unfortunately when you book your wedding at a resort, you are assigned a photographer that you don't get to choose. That means that you won't know who it is that will be photographing your big day as well as you probably won't have much or any contact with them before your big day. And honestly, that kind of sucks! 

But that isn't always the case, and here is why I think you should consider bringing a photographer with you when you have your destination wedding. 

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Easy Communication Pre + Post Wedding

As a previous bride myself I 100% believe that your photographer should be a piece of cake to reach through e-mail and social media. Nothing is worse then trying to get ahold of someone and having them not be there. Your photographer should have the expertise to be able to provide advice on your timeline, your experience with them, what details you need to set aside for your bridal prep (check out this post here where I tell you some of my favourite things to leave aside for me!) as well be excited to celebrate your wedding day! To me, clients are more than just a job for me to do to get paid. I invest my time and energy into providing amazing photos for you of your BIG day that you want to hang in your house. 

You Get To Chose Which Style Of Wedding Photographer You Want

Guys this is a HUGE one! As a photographer I follow most of the other photographers in Ottawa on Instagram and I am amazed at how different the styles are. They are all beautiful but everybody puts a unique spin on their style to make it their own. Bringing your wedding photographer means you get to chose a style that is as unique as the two of you and gives you the ability to get wedding photos that are totally YOU! A massive portion of your day will include taking photos so you also want to find someone who you get along with; because you will spend more time with your photographer than with ANYBODY else on your wedding day. 

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Wedding Collection Flexibility

The thing about booking a hometown photographer verses a resort photographer means you can chose a photographer that has a wedding collection that is perfect for you. Depending on what you're looking for (Full day coverage, album, a guest book or even an engagement session), finding your ideal collection makes it easier to find your ideal photographer as well. 

Personally when I travel along, I like to add in extra bonuses to help round out the gallery. Like extra photos or extra hours to say thank you for bringing your photographer along on the trip. 

An Engagement Session

I highly recommend to all of my couples that they should have an engagement session. Not only will you receive your engagement photos from the same photographer, keeping the same style for your engagement session as well as your wedding photography. Plus it is a way to get to know your photographer before your wedding. Most photographers also include an engagement session in their wedding collections. 

Another thing to think about is that some photographers (as well as myself) like to give my clients the choice of where they want to do their engagement session. You can either do your engagement session here in Ottawa or you can wait till you're on your trip to the resort and have your engagement session on the resort or in the town to go with the rest of your wedding gallery. 

Getting Your Wedding Photos Afterwards

Bringing a photographer with you from your hometown means it's actually going to be easier to get the photos back afterwards. When you bring your photographer, you'll have already met them and have contact with them through email or text. As well as you won't have to rely on the photographer from your resort to mail you a USB or have to worry about them being delayed in returning them to you. With a photographer from your hometown, you'll be able to get them from your photographer as we are easier to get ahold of!