Winter Sessions// Why The Cold Is Worth Braving

Winter weddings & sessions are such a fun experience and they are absolutely gorgeous! We have been having a lot of fun in winter sessions this year and we have a couple more coming up before summer wedding seasons starts. 

I've had a lot of people ask me why I love winter sessions & weddings so much, and here is why I love it! 

1. Dress for winter and the occasion: 

It is so important for you to dress accordingly for the aesthetic of it and practicality of it as well. Both to keep yourselves warm as well as look glamorous in the snow. We definitely don't need somebody freezing and losing feeling in their hands, especially if you are doing the session outside. Nobody has time to get sick, so let's try our best to avoid it. 

Some recommendations for dressing for the occasion would be knit scarves, thick tights or tall boots for the ladies when you're doing sessions. For the guys I would suggest knit sweaters and boots, as well as pants of course. 

When you're doing a winter wedding you can dress up your wedding gown by getting long sleeve dresses, fur shawls or a cape to keep yourself warm while keeping the theme of winter for your wedding gallery. For guys you get the lucky opportunity to wear your suit jacket or blazer to keep yourself warm on your wedding day. 

Also, don't forget to keep your bridal party warm as well! You want to be good to them and keep them warm so they can keep smiling for your wedding photos. Nobody wants to be forcing a smile because they are frozen inside, let's just "let it go" {yes i used a Frozen reference} and get them a cape or a shawl to keep them warm. You can wear snow boots if the dresses are long enough the cover them to keep the photographs still looking great, but only if the dresses are long. Boots don't photograph well with bridesmaids dresses. 


2. Do All Your Photos In One Location:

Travelling between locations is difficult enough but imagine adding in snow, ice and crappy winter drivers and you get delays. For sessions I say you should do it all at one location because you want to keep yourself warm, and do it fast. When it's for your wedding, you want to limit travel time in the weather. So I would pick one location that has different scenery to get a variety of photos without having to travel anywhere. Having all of your wedding on one venue is a bonus, but not a must. Your portrait location should be something either on one of the venues or between the two venues. Like the portrait sessions, finding a location that has a couple different background options is a must so that you can have some variety in your portrait gallery. As an added bonus you would get to spend some more time taking photos and not sitting in the car waiting for it to warm up.

3. Avoid being too "Holiday themed"

My personal opinion is to avoid being too "holiday themed" for your colours and your decorations. Unless you are having your wedding on Christmas Day or New Years Eve, I would steer clear from decorations that scream holiday. Instead of putting your ladies in red or green, put them in a different colour like a jewel colour for their dresses. I personally think a sapphire jewel tone would be awesome for a winter wedding, or a burgundy would be beautiful too if you're set on being in the colour family of red. The reason for this is that it's a wedding, not a Christmas party and you don't want it to come across that way. In my opinion a winter wedding is a gorgeous, white filled, sparkly celebration of love and marriage. Lean into the candles and twinkle lights, sparklers, leafy green centrepieces, and the white flowers or red roses are a good choice; but stay away from poinsettias and snowflakes and anything that you can only buy from November to January at a department store. 


4. Weather Predictability

If you plan a summer wedding the chances of you wanting an outdoor ceremony are pretty high. Then when things change and it rains, you'll be panicking trying to come up with a Plan B. When you plan a winter wedding you already have it in your mind that you will have snow on the ground for your wedding. In winter, although its 110% certain that there will be no heat, or sun – at least you have predictability and won’t be surprised. And can you imagine what the photos will look like with falling snow at sunset?! HELLOOOOO MAGICAL! 


5. Honeymoon in the tropical weather

Now that you have had your GORGEOUS winter wedding and survived to tell the tale, you get to go on your honeymoon. Surviving the winter snow and the freezing cold at your wedding gives you an amazing reason to pick an amazing resort to go to down south and have it be absolutely hot outside. Now I know you can go to the resort no matter when you have your wedding, but it's a bit more worth it when you leave one type of weather for another. When you go to the resort during the summer, it's not as awesome because you are leaving summer to go somewhere warm. It's not as worth it, but it is when you leave the snow for the tropics.